This years Crop Protection Business Seminar will again create a forum for stimulating educated debate on critical commercial issues facing the agrochemical industry. Expert speakers from research based and generic companies, market analysts and service providers will assist delegates to understand the drivers influencing the global agrochemical industry enabling them to create successful strategies for growth.

The Seminar, run in parallel with the XVI International Plant Protection Congress, will be held  on Wednesday 17 October (9.00-17.30) and Thursday 18 October (9.00-13.00) at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow Scotland. There will be six sessions and sixteen eminent speakers.

  Six sessions


1. Markets – developing markets and drivers for growth

2. Marketing/Case Studies - defending market position and identifying the new growth opportunities

3. Supply Chain Strategy - supply chain management in a maturing market

4.The R&D sector - the need for continued investment

5.The Generic sector - establishing a credible and sustainable position

6. Legal/Registration - working within the rules


  Sixteen eminent speakers


Setting the scene, business analyst Gautam Sirur (Cropnosis, Edinburgh, Scotland) will provide an overview of the rapidly changing global crop protection industry focusing on overproduction, energy costs, the environment and innovation. Presentations on  markets will include one on South America given by Juliano Ribeiro (Division Manager, Kleffman Group, Lüdinghausen, Germany) who will discuss the important growth opportunities and the difficult market conditions that companies continue to face. Roy Cleveland (dmrkynetec, St Louis, USA) will review the North American market, the world's largest region for crop protection products.

Case studies will cover the crop and non crop sectors. Anette Schreyer  (Regulatory Team Leader for Europe , Dow AgroSciences, Abingdon, UK) will speak on the important topic of product stewardship and how it was applied to successfully launch the product Profume.  Stefan Wifvesson (Head of Region Europe and Japan for Bayer Environmental Science, Lyon, France) will discuss the drivers and dynamics of  the non crop markets and the opportunities that Bayer are able to exploit. Dr Richard Youngman (Stähler International, Stade, Germany) will describe how Stähler has grown from a domestic, family owned distributor to become a pan-European player. He will outline strategies to maintain growth and independence.

Supply chain management is a key area for improving profitability. Dr Hans Elmsheuser, (Head of Global Purchasing Syngenta, Basle, Switzerland) will discuss sourcing issues in a global market and how to become a preferred supplier. Dr Uwe Brunk, (Chair of the Agrochemical Intermediate Manufacturers in Europe – AIME) will focus his presentation on how to maximise profitability and minimise risk in a changing environment. Dr Dirk Steffan (Gowan Company, Yuma, USA) will outline supply chain strategies for an agrochemical marketing organisation and Shubao Sun, (Secretary General of the China Crop Protection Industry Association, Beijing, China) will discuss whether agrochemical manufacture in China is an opportunity or threat.

Sessions on the R&D and generic sectors will include  a presentation from Mark Bell (Manager for Formulation Development, Battelle, Havant, UK). He will outline how it is possible with new formulations to create new differentiated products with Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).  Dr Alan Baylis (Nuvistix Innovation, Bracknell, UK) will speak about approaches to creating an innovation culture in organisations. Dr Noam Mushkin, (Patent Attorney, Makhteshim Agan, Tel-Aviv, Israel) will outline the legal hurdles facing companies developing generics. He will discuss how to navigate them and how to develop strategies for affordable and enforceable IPR. James Bristow (Rotam Agrochemical, Hong Kong) will describe the global expansion of a generic agrochemical company and the importance of critical mass.

There will be two other presentations including one on the thorny issue of parallel importing given by             Rocky Rowe (European Crop Protection Association - ECPA Advisor on Trade Issues, Brussels, Belgium) and another by Terry Tooby (Regulatory Affairs Director of JSC International, Harrogate, UK) on the impact of the new EU regulations due to replace 91/414. Both will discuss how these issues may affect the balance between generic and proprietary compounds in the market.  

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         Organised by Crop Protection Monthly and Enigma Marketing Research